​​dba ThriveSaves Lives: Transitional Housing & Holistic Services for Domestic Violence Victims & Survivors


THRIVE SC will incorporate a wholesome farm model, with organic vegetable and flower gardens, in a natural setting. This offers the opportunity for survivors to heal in a healthy, nurturing atmosphere, while growing strong in body, mind, and soul. Eating food fresh from the garden models good nutrition and healthy eating habits for parents and kids. Adult survivors may choose to help on the farm in exchange for a weekly stipend.

Our vision is for the safe haven to become an economically self-sustaining program, providing a reliable source of revenue for our agency, while offering survivors small- business training and micro enterprise opportunities. Harvesting produce, arranging floral bouquets, and making and selling bath and body products will help survivors develop new skills and experience, as they strive to find healing and to rebuild their lives. This “healing farm” model is supported by extensive research.